Faro CNC

FARO  has 20+ years of experience in the design and manufacture of precise and reliable CNC milling and diamond-cutting machines and in the development of specific CAD-CAM-CN software packages.  For more information about all the products, please visit the official web page: www.farocnc.com

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Fuma Tools

F.U.M.A. TOOLS is a company that produces carbide tools, present in the domestic and overseas markets operating in the fields of gold jewelery, watches, silverware, spectacles, mechanical and collaborates with companies that manufacture dental implants and biomedical. For over 40 years has consolidated its brand in international markets. For more info: Fuma-tools.com


EKISSON The Company Ekisson is situated in Arezzo, Italy, one of the most important areas in the heart of the gold and Silver industry of Italy and the world. The Company was founded in 1970, and in a few years, with careful investment and innovative technology has become a leader in the production of alloys, metals and soldering for goldsmiths and silversmiths.  Ekisson.com

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